My Reviews

Great woman to work with
I see Jackie for individual counseling (it said marriage above). I work with her on current things I’m dealing with but my main goal is getting through things from my past. She has been very helpful with everything I bring up. She listens, she is empathetic, and she provides tools to get through the various situations and be able to move forward. I highly recommend her! -P. S.

Jackie is truly amazing. We just started this journey together, but I am very optimistic about my future now that I have been connected with Jackie. From the time that I walked into her office until the time I left, I felt safe, and understood. Jackie made me feel welcome and gave me the confidence I needed to talk about my life without feeling shame. She is one of a kind in my opinion and I would recommend her to anyone seeking support and guidance. Thank you. -J. W.

Compassionate & Understanding
I have never sought therapy and to say I was extremely hesitant about finding a therapist and opening my thoughts and concerns to a complete stranger is an understatement. However, Jackie made it easy and most importantly comfortable to open up. She creates a safe space, one without judgement, pressure, or the assumption of what type of person you are. This has already been quite the self journey and I’m looking forward to seeing where I am able to go with my therapy and my life. -S. S.

Highly Recommended
For someone who had never been to therapy, Jackie is exactly who I was looking for – she gets to the root of things and is patient with my progress. I really appreciate her ability to make me feel comfortable because she shows she cares about my well being. She’s changed the way I look at my world without ever telling me what to do or how to think. -A. H.

Intuitive, Compassionate and Kind
Jackie is amazing. I’ve been to several different counselors in my lifetime, all of whom came highly recommended. They were good, but I never felt like I was progressing, or learning any good tools I could use outside of our sessions. Then I started seeing Jackie! She has the natural ability to read my heart, bypassing my stubborn mind. She navigates her way straight to the source of the problem–she listens, offers her take, and then we come up with a plan of attack to heal the wounds. 11/10. -N. H.

Compassionate and Present
Jackie is compassionate and wise. She has helped me work through my social anxiety by a mix of examining my past, attentive listening and giving me practical tools. In our sessions together she is wonderfully present, gentle and intuitive. She does a good job of balancing listening and questioning with offering her insights and tools for me to use. I highly recommend her. -J. P.

Compassionate Therapist
If you are looking for a compassionate therapist, Jacquelyn is the best! I have been going to her for many years after trying other therapists. She is truly a dedicated listener and offers the best advice. Her support and example have helped me through difficult times. I cannot thank her enough for always being there! -M. M.

Humble, intuitive, caring, smart
After my first session with Jackie, I instantly felt connected to her as someone that genuinely cares about others. She is incredibly intuitive and sensitive, and doesn’t make me feel patronized or embarrassed. I feel that I can be open and honest with her, and she will do her best to analyze everything I’m telling her, and come up with a plan that works specifically for me. I’m very impressed. -N. H.

Dedicated Guide
There are not enough words to express my gratitude for Jackie. She is a dedicated guide and gives support to tackle life’s many challenges. She is always supportive and is always finding new ways to assist you. -M. A. 

life saver
I have had my fair share of counselors in the past but never have I met someone so amazingly effective in producing such a positive outcome in my life. -T. F.

Rare Gem
It is with sincere appreciation that I write this recommendation. Through the years she has helped me through some of the most difficult times. She is a compassionate counselor, good listener and always helps assist you through life’s challenges. The rare times she has not been available, I have been lost and unable to find someone as dedicated and understanding as her. She is a rare gem and I recommend her whole heartedly. -L. M.

Highly recommended
I have seen other therapists before, but Jackie has been my favorite so far. She is easy to relate to, incredibly compassionate, and a wise source of counsel. She not only offers encouragement and support when you are vulnerable, but she also knows how to push you to improve and grow. In my time with Jackie, I gained multiple tools and new ways of thinking that have helped my anxiety and depression significantly. Overall I highly recommend her! -K. B.

A trusted listener and guide
have been meeting with Jackie for over 7 years, and I cannot imagine my life without her! She has consistently offered a safe place for me to bare my soul, and she listens with compassion. Through her wisdom and guidance, Jackie has helped me work through depression, difficult relationships, and heartbreaking losses over the years. I look forward to continuing my life journey with Jackie as a trusted counselor. I highly recommend her services! -L. W.

Grateful for Jackie!
Randomly selected Jackie (9 yrs ago) from insurance plan, I couldn’t have chosen better! I’ve been in counseling several times. Jackie is by far the most compassionate and helpful counselor I’ve worked with. She offers a safe environment to address one’s most difficult fears & life challenges. I was dealing with severe depression when I met her. With Jackie’s guidance I was able to understand what allowed me to end up in such a dark place, and found the strength and courage to dig my way out. -A. D.

A great listener and caring person
I have known Jackie for only a few months but I already felt very comfortable with her on my first session, she is a great listener and have so much compassion for my problems. She approached very issues with a kind heart and yet very realistic on how to resolved them. I would recommend her in a heart beat 🙂 Thank you Jackie!!! -D. C.

Jackie is a wonderful and very caring person!!!
Jackie has been my therapist since I was 13 years old and I am now 26. She has helped me work through many personal issues, health issues, relationship issues- you name it! She takes a realistic approach to discussing things and always makes me feel empowered to do what I need to be healthy and happy. I am so grateful to know Jackie. She is easy to talk to and very compassionate. She is amazing and I would recommend her to anyone!!!!! -K. M.

Wonderful to work with Jackie!
I am so grateful to have a kind, compassionate counselor in Jackie. She’s guided me through the rough turns of life, by offering practical methods and guidance. I’ve come so far along, and she has been an essential part of healing and growth. I would highly recommend her services. -A. D.

Highly Recommend
I’ve been meeting with Jackie for over 3 years and she’s helped me change my life. She’s compassionate yet realistic, takes time to really understand my needs and always offer perspective that allows me to see things differently. Without hesitation I would recommend her to my friends and family, and look forward to working with her in the future. -P. S.

Absolutely Recommend
Jackie was relatable, encouraging and completely insightful. I only visited her twice and even in that short span she helped me clear up some issues I was struggling with for a while. I was hesitant about beginning therapy, but she pointed me in the right direction and is 100% worth visiting. -A. A.

Highly Recommended
Jackie does a great job of listening and helping you make progress. She gives exercises and is focused on moving forward. I was concerned going into therapy that nothing would get resolved and it would just be hours or talking with no resolutions. She’s very good at what she does! -B. M.

I tried therapy a bunch of times before finding Jackie
Jackie is the first therapist who helped me to feel my rough history did not make me abnormal or that the issues stemming from it were not insurmountable. Over the years we’ve gently peeled away lots of unhealthy beliefs and assumptions that I harbored about myself which were not serving me very well. Past therapists seemed very authoritarian and I left feeling discouraged. With Jackie, I feel like an active, empowered participant in the upkeep of my mental and emotional well-being. -J. P.

One of the best
Jackie helped me thru some really tough times. She is truly gifted at problem solving. Thank you Jackie for all that you have done. -T. F.

An unwavering friend
Jackie has given me the tools I need to live authentically. She reminds me to honor my heart and she encourages me to be kind to myself. She has helped me find courage in simply asking for what I need. She has taught me about grief and has helped me figure out how to go through it not around it. She has helped me find and embrace my self-worth. I could sing her praises all day. I am so grateful to have her in my life! -V. A.

A pillar of strength and compassion
I have seen Jackie for almost four years now and I can honestly say that I am such a stronger person with her in my life. I went through some incredibly hellish years that I wouldn’t wish on anyone and she was really there for me. Approachable, unwavering and a caring soul. She has provided me with tremendous guidance during the most challenging part of my life. -M. P.

Compassionate Counselor
I feel very fortunate to have Jacquelyn in my life. She is very understanding and has helped me through some very difficult times. She is always present and I truly appreciate her compassionate support. -Seattle Girl

Time well spent
Jackie is awesome! I have seen her for 5+ yrs. Her ability to provide support and guidance is balanced. She has a gentle approach as you make changes. But don’t let her approach fool you as there is no fluff she is focused and driven to help you achieve clarity for today’s challenges. If you are worried about the past she has a way of weaving that in with today’s work. That sounds simple but my previous experience is therapists often want to sit in the old when there are challenges today. -J. S.